Embarking on a Creative Journey

Our Mission

At Faith & Fun Creations, LLC, we're dedicated to enriching children's lives with literature and activities that entertain, educate, and inspire virtue. We believe in the power of storytelling to ignite imagination, instill values, and enhance reading skills for life's many adventures.


Our Story

Faith & Fun Creations, LLC was born from a passion for children's literature and a concern for the evolving landscape of childhood education. Ann Anderson, our founder, leverages her extensive background as an Early Childhood Educator and a successful entrepreneur in real estate to address a gap in current children's media. Her commitment to offering wisdom-filled stories and products stems from a lifelong love of reading and a recognition of its profound impact on developing minds.

Observing shifts in the content and complexity of children's books, Ann was moved to create a line of literature that combines pleasure with purpose. Our books are crafted to challenge young readers, threading solid values and lessons within engaging narratives. We aim to counter the trend of overly simplified and value-neutral content, providing parents and grandparents with resources that nurture both intellect and character.

About The Author

Ann Anderson has devoted her career to the education and nurturing of children, beginning as a preschool teacher in the 1980s through her role as Preschool Director and K4 Teacher at Covenant Christian Academy in the mid- 2000s. Beyond education, Ann has also made her mark in the business world, owning and operating two real estate companies since 1986.

In 2023, Ann founded Faith & Fun Creations, LLC, driven by her belief in the power of reading to shape a child’s future success in the workforce. Her company is committed to producing children’s books that are not only enjoyable but also instill fundamental values and a passion for reading.

Ann lives in McAllen, Texas, with her husband Chuck, and their cat Ike, where she enjoys the creative pastime of quilting, and making blankets for children. Her daughter, Kersten Veronesi, who is the Creative Director for Faith & Fun Creations, contributes her own creative insights while managing a digital marketing firm and teaching online Pilates in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


About The Illustrator

Ann Pomelova is living her childhood dream through her work as an illustrator. With a love for coloring books that has grown from a childhood pastime to a professional passion, she now creates illustrations that aim to make children smile and add a touch of joy to their learning.

Living in Turkey with her husband and their lively toy poodle, Ann draws inspiration from her travels and the diverse cultures she experiences. Her illustrations are not just images on a page but a source of fun and discovery for young readers.

Envisioning a Brighter Future

At Faith & Fun Creations, we envision a world where children grow in wisdom through the joys of reading and the creativity of hands-on activities. Our products, including a bespoke line of t-shirts, toys, and craft projects, are designed to complement our stories, bringing the morals and messages within them to life.

We're committed to promoting the benefits of crafting and cooking, explaining how these activities foster brain development and creative thinking. In a digital age where passive consumption is the norm, we advocate for active, imaginative play that builds strong problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, our initiative extends to cultivating a spirit of giving. We encourage families to engage in charitable projects that not only benefit the wider community but also instill a sense of empathy and kindness in young hearts.


Meet Our Creative Family

Our ethos is supported by the wisdom and experience of our contributing founders.

Kersten Veronesi, our Creative Director, applies her marketing acumen and cherished memories as a book-loving child to guide our creative vision. Her experiences and reflections add depth to our mission, ensuring that every product resonates with our young audience and their families.

Charlotte Perez, a retired Early Childhood Educator and 4th-grade teacher, brings invaluable insight into the science of reading and the art of teaching. As a business owner and a crafts enthusiast, she understands the impact of hands-on learning and the importance of giving back through crafted items.